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About Sylvan Beach, New York

Prior to the 19th century Native Americans colonize this area. The Oneidas and Onondagas settled here for mostly its fish supply. The community was founded around the middle of the 1800s. Due to the railroads and public transportation in the late 19th century, the village became a desirable resort community.  

By the early 1900's Sylvan Beach became a popular vacation/tourist area. In 1971 the village became incorporated. Through the years, millions of people have roamed through Sylvan Beach. Legend has it people still roam here today even after death.  

This site was designed for people interested in witnessing paranormal activity in a wonderful vacation area. We will guide you to the most active areas. We suggest taking photos of the outside windows of the Yesterday's Royal and the TipTop ride while in motion.  

Park After Dark Ghost Tours

The tour begins with a brief walk through of the park while we discuss the legends of who still roams the park after death has taken them. Once the park closes, it becomes an investigation. We enter the secured buildings and conduct a ghost hunt. Cameras, recorders and your participation are welcome and encouraged. You never know who will appear during the Park After Dark Ghost Tours. 

The little girl who haunts the park.

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